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This documentation describes the API provided by Feerik for our game Eredan iTCG.

This API allows developers to explore the assets of the game and build non-commercial third party apps and websites based on the content of Eredan iTCG.

Allowed uses of the API

This API is dedicated to developers in order to build non-commercial third party apps and websites that can provide useful functionalities and tips to Eredan iTCG players.

The use of this API to build commercial third party apps or websites, or non-commercial third party apps and websites providing content unrelated to Eredan iTCG and/or Feerik is not allowed.

Also, the content provided by the API, including all the visual assets, is the sole and unique property of Feerik SAS.


The Eredan iTCG API is a REST XML or JSON API that can deliver public information about the game Eredan iTCG.

As a Trading Card Game, Eredan iTCG contains many cards, sorted in different overlapping groups such as rarities, series, guilds, classes, etc…

The API allows :

  • the exploration of released cards,
  • the exploration of all card aggregation groups (series, rarities, classes, guilds, …),
  • the gathering of server-related information (server time, online player count, …)

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